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    Now and Always Virtual Book Tour PLUS A Giveaway

    Hearts and Haunts Book 1

    Paranormal Romance

    Date Published:  01-10-2023

    Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing


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    Romance may not be all that awakens while two best friends renovate a
    mansion rumored to be haunted.


    If you kiss your best friend…

    Halloween-loving Ren needs a new job. The only problem? The sole accountant
    opening in her small town requires construction experience, which are skills
    she lacks. Luckily, her best friend Leo— sexy, grumpy and completely
    off limits— is a construction hotshot. Their relationship is perfect
    as is, and, despite the intense chemistry, Ren refuses to ruin it with
    romance. Leo agrees to teach her, with one condition— she must live on
    site with him… and somehow survive the temptation.


    You’ d better be sure…

    Skeptic, sword-swinging Leo has loved Ren since she mistook him for a
    hardware employee in the plunger section two years ago. While he took his
    time winning her trust, she caged him in the friend zone. He’ s done hiding
    his feelings, and living together— working, sleeping, playing—
    at the Gothic mansion he’ s renovating will convince her that best friends
    make the best lovers.


    It’ s meant to be forever.

    Ren resolves to resist Leo, even if he bends every rule. Discovering the
    mansion’ s secrets— and lingering spirits, no matter what Leo
    claims— offers distraction enough. But with her defenses splintering,
    one kiss is all it takes to shatter every boundary, one night of passion to
    believe in happily ever after… and one crumbling letter of unrequited love
    to awaken ghosts forgotten. If Ren and Leo can’ t piece together the past
    for two lost souls, they might lose more than their hearts.

    About the Author

     Once upon a time, a girl with flat hobbit feet dreamed of adventures in the
    woods with an elven hero, fighting off orcs and saving magical rings. All
    grown up now, C.J. Burright resides in Oregon (at least she got the trees).
    While she faces her duties at the law office day job, she avoids writing
    legal thrillers and instead turns toward romance—contemporary
    (sometimes with a supernatural flair), paranormal or fantasy. With a 5th Dan
    Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, it’s no surprise she prefers feisty
    heroines who aren’t afraid to jump into the fight. Her slivers of
    spare time are spent working out, gardening, playing the latest
    Assassin’s Creed, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners, always with
    music. She shares a house with her husband (not elven, alas, but a fine
    alternative) and a devoted cat herd while missing her daughter from afar. C.
    J. is represented by Brittany Booker of The Booker Albert Literary

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    The Nine: Zane Book Tour PLUS A Giveaway!

    The Nine: Zane
    Elle Arroyo
    Published by: The Wild Rose Press
    Publication date: January 25th 2023
    Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Paranormal, Romance

    Zane is Anunnaki, one of the nine immortals subjugated to walk the earth for eternity while tasked with protecting humankind from the malice. He must bind himself to an heir before the demons secured within his vessel burst free. Except that Zane is not interested in the female chosen for him. Instead, his desire lies in the man he met five years ago and shared an innocent, heartfelt night with. Eric Diaz had left Zane wanting.

    Before they force Zane to bind himself with the female, he seeks Eric and shares one night of passion, hoping to satisfy his hunger for the man. But it doesn’t work, and Zane does everything in his power to keep Eric by his side, even risking the human realm and unleashing hell on earth.

    Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

    Meet the Characters 

     The Anunnaki are demigods charged with protecting the human realm. They must always be numbered Nine. 

     Zane: First born and heir of the Nine, Zane is next in line to become patriarch. He leads the Nine in protecting the human realm from the malice. Trained and now coveted by Lucifer, Zane has captured the most dangerous demons inside his vessel. 

     Eric: Eric Diaz is human. Divorced with two adult children, Eric’s chance meeting with Zane sends Zane questioning his status as heir. Eric wants nothing more than to protect his sons. Falling in love hadn’t been the plan.  

     Xcian: Second born, Xcian’s insatiable desires allows him to share in his demons’ power at risk to his own sanity. Xcian is the only one of the Nine who has his mother’s silver hair and eyes. He also has her gift of sight. 

     Finn: The wraith. Finn is Lucifer’s eldest son. He is tethered to Zane by an unnatural bond neither can break. This bond has made Finn unstable, and he’s lost his mind because of it.  

     Leander: Kidnapped as a child by the malice, Leander tapped into his Anunnaki powers to survive and shifted into a wolf. At seventeen, he has not yet ascended and is untrained. He prefers his shifter form. 

    More character information can be found on my website! 

    Author Bio:

    Elle is the author of Dark Fantasy MM Romance. She writes about alpha males fighting their demons, saving the world, and falling in love. And not necessarily in that order.

    Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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    Tides of Blue Virtual Book Tour PLUS A Giveaway!


    Date Published: 10-20-2022

    Publisher: Tivshe Publishing


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    Anna Grace is trapped in an abusive marriage with a man she does not love,
    forced to live on a Maryland plantation far from her Philadelphia home. An
    innocent cobalt blue medicine bottle becomes her way to freedom and

    Beth flees an abusive relationship, making a fresh start on the coast of
    the Chesapeake. She discovers a love for sea glass, finding shards along the
    bay shorelines. With the discovery, she’ll find a piece of a rare cobalt
    blue poison bottle that will lead her to unexpected love.

    Both women will find their courage and the love they deserve, both tied to
    the simple cobalt blue bottle through time and tides.

    A whisper from our soul lives on everything we touch, whether it is good or
    something more sinister. A tiny blue bottle changes the lives of all those
    who touch it, and its shards travel through time and tides to touch other
    lives and other loves through murder, adventure, love, and sea glass.


    About the Author

    \For Sharon, writing is like breathing. It’s in her hard-wiring. She writes
    warm, contemporary romance, spicy romance, and romantic suspense with the
    majority of her books set in the Chesapeake Bay region.

    Sharon is a nationally award winning Librarian and the author of fiction
    and educational publications. She is also an avid gardener, jewelry artist
    and artist. See: www.sharon-brubaker.com


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    Rocky Mountain Star Virtual Book Tour PLUS A Giveaway!

    (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2)


    Date Published: 12.13.2022

    Publisher: Dragonbooks Publishing House


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    Did someone say dance like no one is watching? Guess that’s the only
    way Tyler CAN dance now. Slip into the pages of the fun and feisty second
    book in the Rocky Mountain Romances series.


    Tyler Carter has everything she dreams of—she’s the starring
    ballerina in a Cirque-du-Soleil type show, a splashy Las Vegas lifestyle,
    and there’s nothing tying her down. Until she injures her knee, that

    Tyler flees to her family in the little mountain town of Independence
    Junction, Colorado, and pretends she’ll get better, until forced to realize
    the truth. And forced to confront her past when she smacks right into
    Patrick West, the architect restoring the historic Wilkinson house.

    Their attraction quickly rekindles because of a one-night tryst they had
    the summer before—one neither of them wants to admit to!

    But something else gets rekindled. A stalker sets their sights on Tyler and
    leaves shocking clues indicating they know exactly who Tyler is, and that
    they want her dead. Will Patrick, Tyler’s brother, and a retired
    police dog be able to keep Tyler safe?


    Panting, Tyler braced herself, waiting to catch her breath. She hadn’t known working out with a punching bag would be so strenuous. And she was used to quite a bit from her own training as a dancer. Slowly, she lowered her arms. She could barely lift them. As she turned, her eyes fell on someone. An image of muscular arms around her waist and intertwined legs flashed before her inner eye. Heat shot through her body. Oh great. She was suddenly aware of scattered strands of hair that had come loose from her braid sticking to her sweaty face. 

    “You!” she gasped. 

    “I was thinking the same thing,” he answered.  

    Funny, she remembered the way he smelled, the sensation of his touch, but she couldn’t remember his name. 

    “Pat,” he said, as though reading her mind. “Patrick West.” 


    “Carter. I remember.” 

    They looked at each other, memories from the summer flooding back. Along with the dark good looks and toned body, Tyler remembered he was an architect. He was planning the restoration of a historic house in the area. Which explained why he was still in town. 

    He took off his jacket and sat on the floor. “I didn’t know dancers could work the bag,” he said. 

    “I didn’t know either, but it’s great for blowing off frustrations.” 

    He nodded.  

    She waited for a comment, but he said nothing, just waited until she slid down beside him, leaning back against the wall. 

    “You a boxer?” she asked out of the blue.   

    “A little martial arts,” he answered.  

    “So this dance studio is now a dojo?” 

    “You know the Japanese word for it.” He looked impressed. 

    “I work in Vegas with dancers, stunt people, and every kind of physical entertainment professional from all over the world. Of course I know the term.” 

    The slight, amused smile fell from his face. “If you need the space, I’ll find another place.” 

    The fascinating and quirky citizens of Independence Junction come back in
    Book 2 of The Rocky Mountain Romances series to show how small-town
    relationships can bring out the best and worst in people.


    Heart-warming with a splash of Vegas glamour, Book 2 successfully combines
    a new-and-old mix of family and townsfolk in a pressure-cooker plot that
    never lets up on chuckles, suspense, and romance.

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    Shadow of a Hoax Book Blitz PLUS A Giveaway!

    In the Shadow of a Hoax
    Maci Aurora
    (Fareview Fairytales, #2)
    Publication date: January 24th 2023
    Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

    In the Kingdom of Kaloma, a woman is forced to rely on a man to “keep her” and is forbidden from maintaining anything of her own. It’s the law.

    In the remote village of Sevens, at the northernmost point of the kingdom, there lives a family with four daughters and a son, toiling day in and day out together, hopeful a treaty with the boarding kingdom of Jast might change things.

    When one daughter—at risk of being imprisoned for fighting back—hides away in the Whitling Woods. She stumbles upon a dying man and despite the risk to herself, chooses to save him. Only who he is has the power to change everything…

    Tarley Fareview, idealistic and stubborn, does what she can to support herself in spite of an unjust Kaloma law. When she fights back after being attacked, she flees into the woods disguised as a boy. While in hiding, she discovers a dying man and must decide if she risks her life to save him. Unable to walk away, Tarley chooses to intervene and works to save the stranger, only little does she know that by doing so she’ll also risk the heart she promised herself she’d never give to anyone.

    When the Crown Prince of Jast, Lachlan Nikolas—forced by the king to attend treaty negotiations with the kingdom of Kaloma in disguise—is attacked, his horse bolts, and they both careen over a cliff, falling to their deaths in a raging river below. Only, miracle of miracles, Lachlan doesn’t perish, and instead is given a second chance at life, but at a price. When he wakes, he’s not only been stripped of his clothes but also his identity. Saved by a strange woman—in a terrible disguise because she looks nothing like a boy—Lachlan must learn very quickly how to survive in a world where he isn’t a prince anymore and with zero skills other than his entitlement and his charm. Unsure who to trust, Lachlan must reinvent himself, learn how to survive, open his heart to discover the truth about worthiness, and discover what it means to sacrifice one’s self for true love.

    Goodreads / Amazon


    “Are you just going to stand there?” Tarley asked from near the fire. She hadn’t looked at him and continued shoving more wood into the fire as if she were trying to make a giant bonfire which was glowing bright as the sun went down, casting the place in long, blue shadows.

    He started toward her, irritated by her tone. “Do you need all that wood?”

    Her gaze found him, and her eyebrows arched over her eyes. “You’re welcome to do it.”

    “I don’t need to anymore. You’ve done it, excessively just as you do everything.”

    “You’re welcome to do more, your highness.”

    Lachlan tripped and righted himself. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    She stared at him and looked away. “Nothing.” She stomped toward him and snagged the fish from his hand, then stormed across to the wooden plank to prepare them.

    “What are you doing?” Lachlan advanced on her.

    “Everything. Excessively,” she said with a caustic bite and slapped the fish on the board and unhooked the first one. “Why didn’t you clean them?”

    Lachlan rounded the board and with his body, nudged her out of the way. “I can do it.”

    “Obviously you can’t,” she snapped. “It’s supposed to be done away from camp.” She glared at him. “So bears don’t come looking.”

    “I didn’t–” Lachlan felt stupid. He knew that. He’d learned it in one of his many survival sessions when he served in the royal army. And yet he’d forgotten, more interested in pushing Tarley’s patience.

    “Know?” She looked down at the fish. “I’ll take them–” She bit out, reattached the first fish and grabbed the line.

    “I’ll do it.” Lachlan grabbed the line at the same time.

    Each of them held the line.

    Tarley tugged at it.

    Lachlan tugged back. “Let it go.”

    “You let it go.”

    “I said I’d do it,” Lachlan leaned toward her.

    “But you didn’t. And now I have to fix it.” Tarley leaned closer.

    “I can clean my own messes,” he said, and his eyes jumped to her lips as his heart thrashed in his chest with a new beat.

    Her eyes flitted to his mouth, then she leaned back as if pushed and released her hold on the fish. “Fine,” she said and stormed away.

    Author Bio:

    Romance author.

    Lover of stories.

    Maci Aurora has been writing stories since she was a child. When she was eleven, she fell in love with reading Sunfire Historical Romances about girls who made a difference in their lives and still fell in love. In high school, a friend introduced her to Lavyrle Spencer and Judith McNaught, and from there, her writing journey was cemented in telling stories about love. Having already published many novels (all of which are threaded with romance as upper YA and New Adult titles) under the pen name, CL Walters, Maci Aurora wanted to write stories that offered the same attention to story and characters but with additional steam.

    Maci writes in Hawaiʻi where she lives with her husband, their children, and their fur-babies.

    Website / Instagram / Newsletter

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    Rocky Mountain Dogs Virtual Book Tour PLUS A Giveaway!

    (Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 3)


    Date Published: 1.17.2022

    Publisher: Dragonbooks Publishing House


    photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


    Is that a vintage RV— painted top to bottom with paw print-shaped
    polka-dots — driving into town? You can bet your pupper’s next
    bubble bath it is! Get ready to plunge into the pages of the third book in
    the always pet-friendly Rocky Mountain Romances series.


    When Kathrina gets chased out of her Seattle apartment because of its no
    pets policy, she packs up her business, Kat’s for Dogs Mobile
    Grooming, and heads to the mountain town of Independence Junction, Colorado.

    In Independence Junction, pets are welcome, the local diner is the hub of
    social life, and Sam, that good-looking guy Kat met last summer, just
    happens to still be around. But oh no! Sam turns out to be a professional
    hockey player with an ego the size of the biggest mountain in the state. Not
    only is Kat a little man-shy, but she has no interest in wasting her time
    trying to tame that wild one.

    However, when injured dogs start turning up in the woods, Kat must find a
    way to help. Before she knows it, Kat is tangled up in the small
    town’s dark side. Will she rescue the animals? Will she accept
    Sam’s help? Will the townsfolk finally have enough with whoever, or
    whatever, is hurting their dogs?


    Welcome back to Independence Junction in Book 3 of The Rocky Mountain
    Romances series. Your quirky friends are waiting for you to join them for
    another small town suspense story, complete with a nice blend of laughter,
    mystery, and heart-warming romance along the way!


    Thirty-six hours and one time zone later, Jasmine pulled onto the weedy entrance drive that led to her grandmother’s house. Rocky spires rose in the distance under a bright full moon. Her body felt every one of the 1,200 miles traveled from Seattle to the Rocky Mountains in record time. Beside her, the phone flashed with many text and voicemail messages, most of them from Gavin. She hadn’t read or listened to any of them yet, afraid she might have a weak moment and reverse her promise to reach safety first, before sorting this out.  

    “How’s my boy?” she asked, tousling her poodle’s black curls. Rambo licked her hand.  

    Jasmine ran a tired hand through her blond chin-length hair—which was doing its own version of a getaway, sticking wildly off her head—and opened the car door. Rambo jumped out and she followed. Shivering, she leaned inside the car once more and grabbed a sweatshirt from the back seat. Here in the mountains, the nights were chilly, even in summer. With a groan, she slipped into the garment and turned to her grandmother’s old, well-worn house. 

    In a few steps, she arrived at the front door, Rambo close on her heels. A familiar reach up to the door ledge revealed the house key. She unlocked the door and slipped inside. In the dark, Jasmine groped for the light switch. When she didn’t find it right away, she impatiently turned on the flashlight function of her smartphone. Even in the low light, she could see dust floating in the air. The kitchen seemed crammed with stuff¾cartons, empty glass bottles for canning, more pots and pans than one person could possibly use. Grandma always did hate to throw anything out. Not sure of what she might find, Jasmine opened the fridge to see what was there. Empty. She opened the freezer on top and a cloud of frosty air escaped. She waved her hands at it. The cell phone light revealed frosted mystery lumps. Tomorrow, cleaning and groceries in town were on the to-do list.  

    It still felt good to be here, in this house where she had spent many a happy vacation. She almost felt something like gratitude toward Gavin. After all, he was the reason she was here now. But only almost. Because before she could finish the thought, Rambo growled and she froze. 

    Praise for Rocky Mountain Romances Book 1:

    “An enjoyable, mixed-genre romp with an intriguing main couple and
    colorful townsfolk.” – Kirkus Reviews



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    Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart Book Blitz PLUS A Giveaway!

    Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart
    LoLo Paige
    (The Wandering Hearts Series, #1)
    Published by: The Wild Rose Press
    Publication date: January 23rd 2023
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

    Travel writer Dayna Benning tours Europe to write a feature story for a travel magazine. Along the way, she helps her bestie scatter her husband’s ashes. When Dayna accidentally sprinkles Alex Mendes with dried rose petals intended for the deceased, she senses a chemistry with the silver fox airline pilot. Just one catch—he wears a wedding band. Embittered by her divorce, Dayna refuses to be a homewrecker, like the woman who ruined her marriage. Alex and Dayna go their separate ways, but she’s mystified when serendipitous signs point her toward him at every turn. Determined to find out why, she learns Alex is a widower. Dayna hopes for a second chance at love…but her resentful heart stops her. Can she forgive those that broke her heart the first time? And for that matter, can she forgive herself for her failed marriage? Unless she finds a way to piece together her fragmented heart, Alex will forever remain a fantasy.

    Goodreads / Amazon


    Romance was the last thing Dayna trolled for, but if it rolled in her direction, she wouldn’t rule out a casual fling. But not with a married guy.

    Mariko elbowed Dayna. “I’ve heard a lot of hot older guys hang out on this side of the Atlantic,” she murmured, eyeing another tall, juicy morsel passing by on his way out the restaurant door.

    Dayna wrinkled her nose. “Alex is married, in case you haven’t noticed.”

    “Oh, I noticed. No law against enjoying eye candy.” Mariko grinned. “You should write a sidebar for your magazine article, ‘How To Meet Cute Guys on a Beach.’ Tessa would love it.”

    “Ha, that’d spice up my travel piece.” Dayna’s editor would love it.

    “Sprinkling a handsome guy with dead rose petals would be a fresh angle,” reasoned Mariko.

    “You think?”

    “You’ve had a sniper dot on Alex the whole time. You may as well write about him.”

    Alex strolled toward them, and Dayna fantasized a slow-motion movie scene: Arms swinging, he moves toward me, wind teasing his hair, with an I-Want-You-So-Bad expression on his face. His arms scoop me up and he plants a hot, moist kiss on my quivering lips, dissolving me—

    The seating hostess snapped Dayna back to reality. “This way, please.”

    “Oh!” In her haste to follow, Dayna’s foot caught a chair leg and she tripped. After a sloppy recovery, she limped after the hostess with heated cheeks, to a table for three.

    Mariko jerked her head toward Dayna, smiling sweetly at the hostess.

    “Don’t mind her. Her name’s Grace.”

    Author Bio:

    LoLo Paige is an award-winning author who has a passion for writing romantic comedies after decades of theatre experience acting in stage comedies. While comedy is her first love, she also writes the pitfalls of falling in love in the action-packed, perilous world of wildfire. As a former wildland firefighter who married her hot firefighter husband, she lives her HEA, spending glorious Alaskan summers at her oceanfront cabin on Kachemak Bay, with her husband and two golden retrievers.

    Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Amazon / Bookbub

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    Enter To Win The EWin PRIME Fascia Massage Gun Giveaway!

    EWin PRIME Fascia Massage Gun Giveaway

    Welcome to the EWin PRIME Fascia Massage Gun Giveaway!

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    Cirkul Happily Hydrated Giveaway! Ends 2/14!

    Cirkul Happily Hydrated Giveaway! #MySillyLittleGang

    Welcome To The Cirkul Happily Hydrated Giveaway!

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    1 Winner

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    Cirkul Happily Hydrated Giveaway! #MySillyLittleGang

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    OSCITY SLEEP GUMMIES GIVEAWAY! (1 Winner ~ Ends 2/20)

    @OscityLabs Sleep Gummies Giveaway (Ends 2/20)

    Welcome To The Oscity Sleep Gummies Giveaway!

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